Enabling People, Catalyzing Execution

Aritha is a team of qualified and committed professionals who have come together to build a solid workforce that diligently delivers solutions helping customers solve various business problems.

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Agile Coaching & Consulting

Backed by experienced Agile practitioners, we at Aritha provide Consulting & Coaching services to Software companies.

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Telecom Staffing

Leveraging on our vast network of telecom professionals, Aritha is uniquely placed in providing services focused on telecom domain.

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Data Science Training

At Aritha, we render training, consulting, development and implementation solutions in the field of AI, ML and Deep learning.

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Web Software Development

We are trusted software development partners for requirements such as Web/Mobile Applications, Enterprise Software and DevOps engineering

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RPO services

With a stellar record in recruitment field, we have expanded our offerings into Recruitment Process Outsourcing services for small and medium enterprises.

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AI solutions

A few areas of our expertise include Regression, Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Convolution Neural networks, Robotic Process Automation.

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