About us

Aritha is a consulting company that provides consulting, training and staffing services to enterprises in Agile space. We work with a broad range of companies including start-ups, product development and service based companies.


Why Aritha?

Many enterprises today including start-ups are facing extreme challenges in succeeding in the new economy, in responding to dynamically changing needs of the market, in managing the complexity of change management that has become inevitable even for their survival. The challenges are not fully attributed to technology or processes. They are more closely related to the organization’s culture and the inability of the leaders to strike a careful balance between strategizing and executing. Being lean and applying systems thinking approach is crucial for attaining execution agility. For software systems development, agile approach is promising. But effective agile adoption requires us to embrace modeling, but not in order to file some diagram in a dusty corporate repository. It needs us to embrace documentation, but not hundreds of pages of never-maintained and rarely-used tomes. It needs us to plan, but recognize the limits of planning in a turbulent environment.

At Aritha, we recognize these needs and realize that the success of lean & agile adoption relies heavily on our ability to enable people in communicating those needs to all other people involved starting from engineers to managers to executives and to the people from supporting corporate functions. Right communication coupled with nimble execution skills can help drive things. Aritha, through its consulting services can enable this to the enterprises which are determined to make things happen. Aritha has over a decade of collective experience with its top-notch consultants who have not only practiced lean & agile themselves, but also have enabled other practitioners in achieving execution agility.

In addition, there is an array of positives supporting us at Aritha to sustain our capability in the area of consulting, training and staffing. Here are a few of the major pluses we enjoy:


  • The professionals who are involved with Aritha, have over a decade of experience in the IT industry with experience in consulting, coaching and training professionals both in executing projects and developing competitive products in BI & Agile-BI space.
  • Our consulting experience includes driving organizational transformation (in both start-ups and large enterprises) using sound Agile adoption & execution strategies, along with right mix of XP (extreme programming) engineering practices and process frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban.


  • Most of the workshops we have designed are based on realistic delivery needs of teams and organizations and hence involve hands-on group activities and innovation games that aid better learning during training programs.
  • Our ability to design custom training workshops to meet specific learning needs of our participants is a big enabler for our customers and help them avail relevant workshops, keeping their delivery goals and budgetary constraints.


  • The professionals who are involved with Aritha, have over a decade of experience in sourcing, screening and other recruitment related activities.
  • At Aritha, we have the expertise in building the job description (JD) collaboratively with the clients and ensuring that relevant candidates don’t just fit the JD, but are suitable for the actual role needed.

For us at Aritha, quality of service delivery to clients is a matter of faith and is beyond any form of negotiation. We are able to tread an ‘all win’ path since we constantly adhere to our twin objectives of ensuring quality and timely delivery.