Our Approach

Enabling people, Catalyzing Execution.

Who we are

Aritha is a team of qualified and committed professionals who have come together to build a solid workforce that diligently delivers technology solutions helping customers solve various business problems. “Deliver what you commit” is the mantra that Aritha has resolved. To realize this, each member of Aritha brings rich experience, knowledge and skills to work.

Our Partners

Aritha has partnered with various organizations to increase the strength of their offerings and to add value to clients in delivering solutions more effectively.

Version One

VersionOne is a recognized leader and visionary in agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps software and services. VersionOne helped pioneer the agile management tool way back in 2002. Since then, VersionOne has been developing software products that help organizations scale their agile initiatives faster, easier and smarter.

We, Aritha Consulting Services, are one of the reselling partners of VersionOne. We collaborate with VersionOne in selling their flagship products to enterprises in India that are looking to better manage their enterprise-wide agile initiatives.

QAI Global Services

QAI Global Services is a consulting division of QAI that facilitates enhanced competitiveness in organizations through multi-faceted interventions in leading to business improvement.

We at Aritha Consulting Services, are one of the consulting partners of QAI Global Services. We collaborate with QAI through our consulting and coaching services related to agile, lean, product development and technical practices from eXtreme Programming & DevOps.

Oy Media Solutions

Oy Media Solutions is a media development firm offering technology and creative design solutions to organizations for effective Online Marketing and Online Learning. Oy Media Solutions specializes in Digital Marketing, Marketing collateral design and Web Design services. Their other services include Branding, Content Writing, AV Media Production and SCORM content for E-learning.

Aritha is the delivery partner of Oy Media Solutions for Web Software and Mobile App development services.