Development Projects in Data Science

We thoroughly understand that every company has unique needs when it comes to implementing AI/ML/DL solutions. A few areas of our expertise include Regression, Classification, Prediction, Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Convolution Neural networks, Reinforcement Learning, Robotic Process Automation.

We provide high quality end-to-end solutions through the following process


In this phase we understand your domain better and perform a feasibility study of potential AI implementations. This phase will also help in preparing a milestone level road map for implementations

Data collection

In this phase we collect and extract data from your existing sources. We will also be required to collect data which might not yet be in your data streams.

Model Fit and Development

Identify the best models and perform a fit of the model. This stage will mark the beginning of developing a solution for the problems identified in the “feasibility” study.

Solution Implementation

In this phase we develop/implement a solution which will bind your development, ML, Business activites in a seamless DevOps driven pipeline