Our Services


Aritha provides a range of value-driven services in the field of Agile, Embedded Systems and Agile-BI development. Backed with experienced consultants and a good professional network in Agile, Embedded Systems Development and BI (Business Intelligence) space, we provide consulting services catering to engineering, people development and management needs. In addition, we provide business consulting and professional coaching services to enable organizations implement their solutions effectively, with execution agility.

Our services are categorized broadly categorized as follows:

  • Value-Driven Agile Consulting (V-DAC)
  • Discrete Agile Training and Workshops
  • Staffing Agile, Embedded and Agile-BI Professionals


1. Value-Driven Agile Consulting (V-DAC)

Aritha provides “Value-Driven Agile Consulting” services through which it enables organizations in better implementation of Agile and Agile-BI solutions. Specifically, Aritha adds value in using Agile & Lean practices including Scrum, XP, and Kanban. With a combination of adequate consulting and appropriate coaching methods (relating to both engineering processes and technical practices), Aritha helps its clients in delivering result-oriented, customer value-driven solutions iteratively and incrementally. Coaching around engineering practices tailored to suit Agile and Agile-BI project needs can help teams build quality into the system through out the SDLC cycle. The specific service offerings include:

  • Readiness check for agile adoption to projects (both regular and BI based)
  • Assessment of agile maturity in the projects
  • Agile adoption and execution strategies (for leadership team and senior management)
  • Consulting and coaching on agile processes and their implementation
  • Consulting and coaching on agile engineering & technical practices

For more details on specific consulting services we offer currently, visit our consulting services page. For more details on specific coaching services we offer currently, visit our coaching services page.


2. Discrete Agile Training and Workshops

In order to meet delivery driven and budget constrained training and learning needs of our clients, Aritha provides discrete services in the area of agile training and workshops. Specifically, we provide the following services:

  • Orientation Sessions – focused on agility orientation for leaders, management and support functions
  • Hands-on Workshops (management level) – focused on management orientation for people, project, program and portfolio management.
  • Hands-on Workshops (team level) – comprising focused sessions for Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, User Stories, Product Backlog grooming, Release planning, Agile estimation techniques, Dev-Ops, Agile & UXD, XP engineering practices (TDD, ATDD, BDD, Continuous Integration, Pair Programming and Clean Coding).

For more details on specific training services we offer currently, visit our training services page


3. Staffing Agile and Agile-BI Professionals

We provide staffing services for enterprises (both start-ups and large enterprises) with a special focus on professionals in Agile, Embedded Systems and BI Reporting & Analytics. In addition, we are well networked with professionals who are experienced in various IT skills including Business Intelligence, Web technologies, ERP, SCM, CRM, Middleware technologies, Embedded technologies and IT Infrastructure Management.

Aritha specializes in recruiting candidates for Agile, Embedded and Agile-BI requirements. The primary areas we cater to, include Agile product development, Agile Embedded Systems, Agile Data Warehousing and Agile Analytics. We process client requirements for agile professionals across different roles, technologies, experience levels and locations. A few of the major roles we process include Agile Developers, ScrumMasters, Product Owners, XP (Extreme Programming) Developers, Test Automation Engineers, Agile Project/Program Managers, Agile and Scrum Coaches.

By working with both start-ups and large enterprises focussing on staffing needs in Agile and Lean space and with our qualified consultants having over a decade of experience in practicing Agile software development, we have developed an internal qualified database of Agile and Lean professionals, especially high quality ScrumMasters and Extreme Programming (XP) developers. This is an enabler for us as well as our clients.