Machine Learning for Developers

Data analysis, Machine learning (ML) and all its variants and avatars like AI, Neural Networks, RPA etc have taken the world by storm. Businesses are coming up with creative, innovative products which have these at the heart of the solutions. More now, than ever there is an increasing need for everybody to adapt to the changing scenes. Aritha is running its 2nd batch of this 3 days course by one of Industry’s leading Corporate Trainers.

Through this uniquely designed course, you will learn:

  • Concepts and Techniques of Machine Learning
  • Basics of Statistics
  • Data Visualization
  • How actually Machine Learning works
  • Understanding different problem areas of machine learning
  • Machine Learning Lifecycle
  • Various ML Algorithms
  • Building a Recommendation System or Prediction System
  • Different Technology stacks for ML
  • Deep Learning and AI

When most machine learning courses are expensive and spread over multiple weeks, we are introducing a short 3 day course offered at a very attractive price of Rs 14,999/- only! Reserve your seat now.  I have attached a brief course outline along with this email.

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