Software Engineering Practices – Coaching & Consulting

Backed by experienced Agile practitioners, we at Aritha provide consulting and coaching services to software development organizations. Our consulting and professional coaching services are designed to enable organizations embrace Agile practices effectively. Our services are categorized broadly as follows:

  • Agile Consulting and Coaching
  • Agile Trainings and Workshops

Our approach towards Agile Consulting & Coaching is three-pronged. First step would be to assess the Client organization’s orientation towards Agile practices to software development. Training the teams on relevant concepts to fill the gaps noticed during assessment. Follow-up with intentional coaching the middle management & the teams for better adoption of Agile practices.

In order to help client organizations in their Agile adoption journey, Aritha offers custom designed trainings and workshops around the area of Agile.

Broadly, the trainings are classified as:

Orientation Sessions

  • Focused on Agile orientation for leaders, middle management and support functions representatives.

Hands-on Workshops (Process Related)

  • Hands-on Agile Workshops for Management and Corporate Functions
  • Hands-on Agile Workshops for Engineering Teams (Agile, Scrum, Kanban)

Hands-on Workshops (Technical Practices Related)

  • Hands-on eXtreme Programming workshops for Engineering teams
  • Test Driven Development in C (for Embedded Systems or System Software Developers)
  • Test Driven Development in Java.
  • Clean Coding and Refactoring
  • Behavior Driven Development