Sustaining recruitment



Recruitment Services for Agile Software Development

With the number of competent agile professionals being limited in number, most organizations adopting agile are facing tremendous challenges in finding the right people to suit their culture, mainly the agile culture. While some organizations can address this issue with necessary coaching and training, many can’t afford to take that approach either because of delivery pressures and/or budgetary limitations. Hence, our staffing and RPO services are designed to be nimble and result-oriented.

Aritha, having several years of collective experience in value-based IT recruitment services, has studied and analyzed the traditional recruitment processes and their associated challenges. Most issues are rooted in lack of agility between the HR and recruitment organization and the hiring managers/key decision makers. Since agile based positions require subtle methods of evaluating a candidate’s agility index and agile maturity, it needs us to work proactively to fulfill agile recruitment needs.

To make this a reality and help organizations sustain their recruitment agility,  Aritha, has developed a mechanism of building an internal database of qualified agile professionals involving both active and passive job seekers. We don’t reach these people just based on hiring needs, but interact with them constantly and engage with them actively. With this capability, Aritha can truly work in the capacity of a partner to fulfill your people needs.