Enabling people



Pivoting factor for enterprise agility is the execution capability of people.

Large-scale agile transformation (both at multiple teams level & at organization level) initiatives often fail in execution. More so in tactical execution. Have you ever wondered why? We have. Time and again, we have come across leaders facing extreme challenges in striking a balance between embracing agility and managing risks. Leaders at every level often become bottleneck for the agile transformation. While our experienced consultants and coaches have observed several bottlenecks during their work, an interesting eye opener about scaled agile transformation was the fact that there was a single bottleneck that manifested into many. It is the failure of organization leaders owing to their anti-agile execution skills, tightly coupled by inherent rigidity in most scaling frameworks that either slows down the transformation or makes it worse.

At Aritha, we have a collective experience of coaching the organization leaders, teams and key individual agilists with clear business objectives that are tied to results. Many a times, coaching was challenged because of serious lack of orientation towards agile values & principles and lack of subject matter expertise in agile/lean based concrete practices like Scrum, XP and Kanban.

To address the above issues and fulfill the learning needs, Aritha has gone past the traditional training approach. We have developed an internal training capability that allows our customers to work collaboratively with us to design specific, need-based  hands-on workshops with execution orientation and delivery goals in mind. In addition, we have pro-actively designed discrete services to enhance the execution capability of individual people and teams. We believe this can greatly enable people which further enables the organization in realizing its long-term vision and meeting business objectives.